Saturday 2 January 2010

Happy New Year / Gin Palace

Happy New Year everyone!
I've had some great submissions in for 'Gin Palace' so far, have a look at them...

Ant Mercer has done a one page story and is finishing off another two page story.

Jarod Rosello has done a great three page story called 'The Rain'. Here's a link to his website.


Dave said...

Hi Rob,

Looking good, I'm 4 1/3 pages into my 5 page submission. I struggled with the idea over the holiday and had a eureka moment at the weekend. Glad I started drawing again, it's amazing how quickly one can lose match fitness for it.

rob jackson said...

Thst's good news Dave. I'll get on with 'Hatty Jack' this week. Don't know if that'll go in Gin Palace as it depends how long it turns out.