Saturday, 9 January 2010

Taiyo Matsumoto - Go Go Monster

I didn't like it as much as his other book I've read, 'Tekkonkinkreet', but that's one of my favourite books of all, so it would be very difficult to compare. It's very realistic compaired to that, instead of the wonderful Treasure City from Tekkonkinkreet its set in a very real highschool in Japan. It's about a kid who can see monsters everywhere. Everyone else at school (except the old friendly caretaker/ gardener) thinks he's just a weirdo and keeps away from him, except for a new kid who becomes his friend, sort of. It's very lovely drawing and I'll definately be re-reading it a bunch of times in the future to look at the art more, as the first time I read it I was trying to follow the story. I was worrying too that something horrible was going to happen as it's quite dark and there's a huge sense of foreboding hanging over the tale.

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