Monday, 18 January 2010

Comics in Shops

I dropped off some copies of 'Great Deeds Against the Dead 2' today in Travelling Man, Manchester and some 'Pasty Anthology' and 'Great Deeds Against the Dead 1' in cool new comics shop 'Good Grief' which is on the third floor of Afflecs Palace.

If you are passing why not buy some? Help keep me in the way I have become accustomed too, eating instant Korean noodles and drinking orange juice (3 for £2).


Dave said...

For a little treat you can splash outu on Aldi tinned spagetti hoops, and you can probably get unsold stollen and mince pies on the cheap now.

By the way, have you tried to get your stuff into First Age comics in Lancaster? (They're stocking the Pasty Anthology)

fabtoons said...

Don't forget I will be taking some Pasty Anthologies to Angouleme so your ubiquity knows no bounds!

rob jackson said...

Hi Dave, did you see my e mail asking if you want to share a table at Thought Bubble again this year (they are taking table bookings now). I will look up that First Age Comics

Hi Francesca, thats cool! What is Pasty Anthology in French?

Dave said...

Le comique de Fromage et l'onion en croute? avec un turnover de pomme apres? (I'm sure Francesca will concur with my perfect french)

I had one of those apply creamy things from Greggs the other afternoon, jesus I felt sick afterwards.

Yep just replied.

Grand, it'd be great to see their small press section expand even more.

Good Grief! said...

hey rob, good to meet you the other day. great deeds against the dead is so good, i'm on a knife edge for issue 2!!! i love it. more of those mat brinkman books turned up the day after you came in! rats. shall i put one aside for you? could maybe post but it's rather long and flimsy

rob jackson said...

Yes please put one aside for me, I'll come in next week and buy it, and bring some Great Deeds 2 along too. Probably on Tuesday I think.