Friday 23 October 2015

Old 'Random Journeys' Advert

While moving my shelves I found this old advert I made and handed out, at a Bristol Comics Expo a long time ago. I still like 'Random Journeys' (except for some of the drawings). Photocopying was so cheap back when I had these comics made, I could even afford colour photocopied covers.

Friday 16 October 2015

Moving House Sale on Comicsy

I'm moving house in two weeks so until then I'm having a sale on some of my older comics at my Comicsy page.    Why not have a look? I am selling three different packs of comics on the cheap.

  All three (so far) issues of RhiZome Anthology for £7, with free postage in the UK.

Goblin Hall and four minicomics for £5, with free postage in the UK.

'Gods Must be Bastards', 'Goblin Hall' and three other comics for £7, with free postage in the UK.

Due to the price of postage abroad these deals are only for people in the UK. Thanks!

UPDATE_ The sale is over now, thanks everyone who tweeted about it, had a look or bought something! Thanks!

Monday 12 October 2015

'Run, You Curs, Run'

Here's a row of panels from near the end of  'Flying Sausage Academy 2'.