Monday 25 June 2012

Back Cover

I'm thinking something like this for the back cover of my new comic.

Thursday 21 June 2012

Cover for My New Comic

Here's my first go at a cover for my new comic.

Wednesday 20 June 2012

First Three Pages of 'Jackson Family Stories'

Here's the first three pages of my 'Jackson Family Stories' comic. I've done a new family tree to go at the start of the comic to make it less confusing, due to a lot of the characters having the same names. I've been thinking about the cover this week but I've still not decided what to draw for it.

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Feeble Attempts to Draw Scooby Doo

These are feeble attempts to draw Scooby Doo that I was doing for Comical Animal. I was trying to do them without looking at any pictures of the real Scooby Doo, as you can tell. I've done a four page story for the next issue of Comical Animal which will be out on the 6th of July.

Monday 11 June 2012

Mmmm nettle beer

Mmmm my brother's nettle beer is really good. Its nice and fizzy too. I haven't done any drawing for a few days as I'm really busy with my business making soup and ice cream. I'll get going again soon once I have a new idea.

Wednesday 6 June 2012

That's Better

I've got this picture better now.

Tuesday 5 June 2012

My Grandparents Honeymoon Photo

Here's a drawing I've tried from my grandparents honeymoon photo, in Blackpool. Needs more work yet, maybe it will end up being the cover or back cover of my new comic. The comic is all finished now, its 75 pages with a few pages of photos, an introduction and a family tree to get it up to a nice round eighty pages.