Friday 29 January 2010

New Feature - Films for Friday!

I'm bored today so I thought I would start a new and exciting feature on my blog - Films for Friday! Where I will pointlessly talk about some films for a bit. Hurrah.

First up is Takeshi Miike's classic 'The Happiness of the Katakuris'. I really like this random horror musical! It's not very horrifying but it is a lot of fun. My favourite scenes are when the actors are talking away like normal and then suddenly the walls behind them fall away and they are in a big musical number, all dancing and singing badly. There's something about that I really enjoy, don't we all sometimes feel like we are in some kind of stupid musical. It's really very funny. Also it has dancing zombies in it for a bit, but not for very long, don't be fooled.

'The East is Red'. If you are only going to watch one Maoist Chinese Opera performance this year, make it 'The East is Red'. It's really very flash! At one stage a tank rolls onto the stage, and at the end you can see Mao himself in the audience clapping away happily. The dancing and acrobatics is second to none and it has a great rendition of 'The Internationale' as a happy musical number. Maybe this should be Andrew Lloyd Webber's follow up to 'We Will Rock You'?

'Phantom of the Toilet' sounds like it would be a great film! Sadly the knocked off copy of it I bought in Hong Kong is blank. Maybe it's better to never see it and not spoil the dream...


John Robbins said...

I reckon 'Phantom of the Toilet' is one of those avant-garde art-house flicks, its poker-faced 'blankness' pioneering a new visual language in understatement. It's a keeper, Rob!

rob jackson said...

Yes, it's probably three hours of porcelain based wonder.