Thursday 29 November 2012

'Fleshtone 4'

 I've got a page in this excellent looking French Anthology, 'Fleshtone 4'. Here's the website for it. Also in the anthology are Vincent Vanoli, Lorna Miller and lots more. My story is the only one not in French, I hope it is still funny. I just got my contributors copies so I'm off to read it now.

I like my little artist bio thing in French, "fait de la soupe qu'il vend sur les marches du cote de Manchester".

A Panel from 'California 2'

Here's a panel of the town from page fourteen of 'California 2'.

Tuesday 27 November 2012

A Row of Panels I Like From 'California 2'

I am happy with this row of panels from page thirteen of 'California - part two'.

Wednesday 21 November 2012

Leeds Thoughtbubble Report 2012

 Here's the obligatory boring photo of my table at Leeds.

I got up very early as usual and got the train to Leeds on the Saturday morning. The Saturday was very slow for sales for some reason so I got a bit worried, but luckily the Sunday went great and I sold more than twice as many comics as on the Saturday. In the end I had the best sales of any Leeds Thoughtbubble I've been too. So that was great and I'll definately be back next year with more comics. Thanks to everyone who visited my table!

 It was great meeting everyone again as it's only the second convention I went to this year. Hopefully next year I'll get to do a few more.

I got some really great comics this year. Here's a photo of my haul. I'll write more about them later once I finish reading them all. They are 'The Complete Rainbow Orchid' by Garen Ewing which is a beautiful looking book. I'll read it very soon as I've only read the first two books in the past.  'The Un-Manned Manned Craft' by Nick Soucek. 'Same Day Return' by Sean Azzopardi, which I really enjoyed. 'Insurrection no. 1 and no.2' by Russell Stearman. 'A Corner of Paradise' by David O'Connell which is really good. 'Smoo Comics no.6 ' by Simon Moreton. 'Pyramid Scheme and Other Stories' by Lando.

Tuesday 20 November 2012

Review of 'Segway'

Here's a nice little review of 'Segway' from the Forbidden Planet Blog. It's for sale in my shop.

Leeds Thoughtbubble report coming tomorrow, I've got to go and make some custard today as I've totally ran out of vanilla ice cream.

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Leeds Thoughtbubble this Weekend

Hello. I'll be at Leeds Thoughtbubble this weekend. Here's a map of the tables, I'm at table 6 near the front of New Dock Hall.

I'll have lots of copies of my two new comics, 'Segway' and 'California - Part One', and plenty of all my older comics too. Why not come and say hello.

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Paintings for Leeds Thoughtbubble

Here's a couple of little paintings I've done to brighten up my stall for Leeds Thoughtbubble. They are panels from my latest comic 'California'.

A Bit of Page Five from 'California 2'

Here's a bit of page five from 'California 2'. Its a spooky house. I'm up to just starting page eight today so it's going well. I plan to bring it out in January.

Sunday 11 November 2012

A Row of Panels from Page Five of 'California - Part Two'

Here's a row of panels from page five of 'California - Part Two'. I had a week off after finishing part one and then got going on this. I'm glad its not all at night anymore as I got tired of colouring everything in black.