Monday, 27 February 2017

Little Sheffield Zine Fest Report

I enjoyed Sheffield Zine Fest again this year, it is a very friendly show. I didn't quite break even on the day but I was only a few quid off so that doesn't matter. The first few hours went really well and the fair was busy but I became very sleepy in the afternoon. I think I am not used to sitting in a room without any daylight anymore. I drank a bunch of coffee to try and wake up again. It went good again in the last hour and I woke up. Thanks everyone who came to my stall and looked at things, or bought something, I hope you liked it!
Sheffield is always a very good show for lots of people looking at my stuff and flicking through, instead of just looking at the covers and then walking off, so that always makes me happy.
I did some trades as shown below-

I got 'Ballgame no. 1' by Paddy Johnson, 'Parallel Lines' by Richard Swan,  and 'Ground' by Lee Taylor. They all look cool so I'm looking forward to reading them this week.

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