Tuesday 28 February 2017

Nananan Kiriko - Blue

This is a really great comic. The drawing is very minimal but it gets everything over really well. Here's the first lines of the comic- “The sky that stretches out above the dark sea. The school uniforms and our desperate awkwardness. If those adornments of our youth had any color it would have been deep blue.”
A lot of the comic is about being awkward.  The schoolgirl protagonist makes friends with a new girl, they become romantic, then break up awkwardly.

I really like the minimalist artwork. Nearly all the drawings are of the schoolgirls. Lots of feet, hands, close ups of them turned away from each other. The story takes place at the school, at each others houses and a lonely looking beach front.
This book was brought out in English by Fanfare / Potent Moon so I would recommend that, its a really good manga. Here's a review of the English version from Derik Badman.

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