Friday 18 February 2011

More Stuff I Got at Angouleme

'Hardcomics 7 - First Sexual Experience' is a great big book of porn comics from Romania sponsered by Playboy Romania. Some nice stuff in here. I was reading it on the train home and thinking 'how cool am I'.

'The Book of George' is a great big book from Romania that they were giving out for free! They had been paid for by their Romanian Arts council equivalent. There's some really good comics in here. Loads of different artists and different styles. This should be orange not pink but my scanner doesn't think so.

I also bought 'Feraille Illustre no. 27' from the Requins Marteaux stall. It's very good with stories by Sara Varon, Trondheim, Blex Bolex, Killofer, Blutch, Winschluss and many more.

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