Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Baru Exhibition at Angouleme

The Baru exhibition at Angouleme was really great. Here's a bunch of pictures of it. These were covers of classic rock and roll singles re-done by famous comics artists.

This was a massive wall of original pages from one of Baru's black and white comics. It was huge.

Close up of the wall of originals.

Big hanging prints of some of Baru's characters.


Dave said...

Welcome back Rob, tres bon!

Sounded like a right blast.

It sounds massive, and the top photo looks more like a Jean Michele Jarre concert!


rob jackson said...

Hi Dave
The tent did have a weird purple lighting to it. It was the fanciest tent I've ever been in. I'm going to try and really up the standard of my comics to keep up with the other countries now, it is very inspiring.