Wednesday 2 February 2011

Angouleme Report 2011

Here is everyone behind our stall at Angouleme. There's me, Dan Lester, Francesca Cassavetti, Sean Azzopardi, Sally-Anne Hickman and Oliver Lambden.

This is a photo of part of the table list for our tent, the Espace BD Alternative. You can see BASTARDS on the list. It was the most interesting tent with all the alternative, independent publishers.

The entrance to a tent with the big cat picture that was the symbol of the festival.

Yay, fancy badge. Auteur! Auteur!

Angouleme was really enormous. I had heard it was very big but still was amazed by how many people were there and how vast it all was. I didn't sell much on Thursday and Friday so I was getting very grumpy (sorry about that) but then on Saturday and Sunday I did pretty well so I cheered right up and started to really enjoy myself. I bought a bunch of cool books, I'll mention them on here later. I would have bought a lot more but didn't want to spend all my money.

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