Wednesday 2 February 2011

More Pictures from Angouleme 2011

View down our tent when the exhibition hadn't opened yet. Once it opened it was busy all the time. The Saturday was insanely busy, even the streets of the town were totally rammed with comics people, it was very difficult to walk anywhere.

L'Association were on strike and so had all these leaflets out in their booth instead of selling anything.

People when the tent was open. Our tent was bigger than any of the UK conventions, and was only one of six or seven tents...

Picture from the AX Manga exhibition in the big publishers tent. Shame there were no originals in it, only blown up pictures.

The Comics Museum at the bottom of the hill. They had loads of original art and an exhibition of Parody Comics, with lots of Wally Wood, Harvey Kurtzman and Gotlib art. And also some porn smurf parodies in a fenced off room. Tiny children were running in and out of the room and laughing at the blue cocks while their teachers tried to stop them.


Vincent said...

Hi Rob,
I bought your comics about Bolton in Angouleme and told you I did the same kind of work in a book.
Gimme your postal adress, I'll be pleased to send it to you!

rob jackson said...

Thanks Vincent, I'll e mail you it now

fabtoons said...

I'm so glad it lived up to your expectations. Dan, Sean, Sally Anne and I met at the Comix Reader party last night, slightly less exhausted and still fired up with enthusiasm.

rob jackson said...

I am all enthusiastic too now I've had some sleep. I have had two new ideas that I'm going to get started on in a few days once I've thought about them some more. I was getting really stuck in a rut with my comics so its great to think of new possibilities. Thanks again for all your work!