Tuesday 6 January 2009

Dave Hughes - Thomas Wogan is Dead

‘Thomas Wogan is Dead’ is the new comic from Dave Hughes, he wrote the ‘Immesurable Adventures of Gorky Park’ which I bought off him at Lancaster a few years ago now. It is about Thomas Wogan who finds himself dead, he thinks , and in a kind of waiting room with a numbered ticket waiting for his number to be called on a screen. He’s there with a fish, a frog, a sea urchin, an egg and a cuckoo and they all tell him their stories as they wonder whats going on. It's a long comic, I reckon about 72 pages or so, with colour covers.

I liked it a lot, all the animals are very well drawn. The people look like those in gorky park, with huge lumpy heads and spindly little arms. It’s also based in Morecambe which can only be a good thing. Well worth buying, contact him by e mail at stonechatproductions (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk


fabtoons said...

Your new website looks fantastic – I feel inspired to get off my arse and redo mine now... That will be my new year's resolution.
I got given Pyongyang by Guy Delisle, about an animator in North Korea. Although it's good, I didn't find it nearly as warm or as funny as your South Korean story or Train to Shanghai.

rob jackson said...

thanks francesca, glad you liked the new website, its one of those things i've been putting off for ages and ages.