Friday 16 January 2009

F*cking Recession

Just got a letter today from Secret Acres saying they won't be able to publish my proposed book (a big collection of my earlier stuff all re-edited and re-drawn). It was meant to happen in 2010. I've been looking forward to it for years now... I am gutted. It's because of the recession and the economy in the USA. They reckon they would lose money on it and can't afford it now. Sounds like they are having trouble keeping their day jobs and stuff over there so I don't blame them. They are going to keep selling my minicomics anyhow, which they have done a very good job at.

There goes my big comics plan. I've told loads of people over time as well, so i'll have to tell them all that its knackered now. The thought of the book has kept me going through many years of boring jobs and depressing comic sales. Now i'll have to think of something else to go for.

I have thought of an idea for my next comic so I'll be starting that soon, once I recover.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that Rob, sounds very frustrating. Don't know if this will cheer you up but I'm planning to do a few posts of small press heroes on my blog soon. Random Journeys will be getting a mention.

Stiff upper lip old thing!

rob jackson said...

thanks dave, i'll have to have a look at your blog, is it new?

my interview on bugpowder cheered me up a bit.