Saturday, 10 January 2009

John Brodowski - Curio Cabinet 4

John Brodowski has just sent me the latest in his Curio Cabinet series. It really is very beautiful. He is in that giant Kramers Ergot 7 book, and I reckon when he gets a book out it'll be on lots of people's best of the year lists, his drawing is awesome.

This one has 2 one page 'Cos Mommy Said So' stories with Jason in, 'Miners Refrain' which shows the life of a miner from being a boy to being an old man, 'Illustrations of the Passions and Episodes in the Life of the Wandering Jew' which is a group of double page spreads which are really lovely and 'Hunter' which is really hard to describe, but has two stories going at the same time, one in the left side of the pages panels and one in the right. The drawings great, all done in pencils which gives great effects. He draws excellent forests.

Very highly recommended, get it from Secret Acres

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