Wednesday 31 December 2008

5 Obsessions

I got tagged by by my friend Mother and Bride to write 5 obsessions I have on me blog so I'll do that now-

Rob's 5 Obsessions

1- drawing comics (drawing comics is hard but I do it nearly every day, otherwise I feel sad and like i'm wasting my precious time. When I have a day off work I always feel bad and lazy if I don't get up early and get some drawing done. Unless I am hungover in which case I can happily watch rubbish on TV all day. I even did some on boxing day.)

2- reading comics (these obsessions are very obvious aren't they. But I like reading comics.)

3- seeing where I am on the google listings for rob jackson. (I am number 8 at the moment, it's a shame I have such a common name. I have talked to lots of other cartoonists and most of them do this too so it's not as egomaniacal as it seems.. or is it?)

4- Pedro the little cat (or as I often call him 'tiny wiggles' or 'wigglesworth') When he is asleep I wake him up every so often to make sure he is alright and he bites me.

5- worrying endlessly about everything in the middle of the night for no good reason


EliandMe said...

Tiny wiggles? You big softy. Give Pedro the cat a big new year cuddle from me and Mickey!

rob jackson said...

I am very soft with that cat. I will give him a cuddle from you both, i've got him some posh cat food for tomorrow so he'll be happy.