Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Comic Recommendations - William Cardini 'Vortex'

I didn't get this book at Thoughtbubble, I traded for it a month before, but I'm doing little reviews of all the books I liked this year. More Thoughtbubble comics to come in the rest of this month.

William Cardini's 'Vortex' is a very cool book. It starts with the Miizzzard, a powerful space sorceror, flying in his space ship to a new planet that is giving off curious readings. On the surface he meets and fights a weird alien race, who turn out to be sentient weapons created for some ancient and forgotten war. Have a look at the double page spread I've scanned above. The artwork is very interesting, and all done with computer textures which gives it a really strange otherworldly feel. The planet, and the long battle between the characters, come off as very alien things indeed. Highly recommended.

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