Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Comic Recommendations- Lydia Wysocki's 'Un Pear Able' and 'Andalusia'

 Lydia Wysocki's  'Andalusia' is a really good holiday sketchbook from July 2015. It's very fancy as if you have a smart phone and download an app for it, you can point the phone camera at the drawings and it shows you Lydia's photos from the same place. The drawings are really nice, as is the book design. I really like the inside covers where the drawings are placed on photos of floors and walls from the holiday. The only places in the book I've been to are the Alcazabar fortress in Malaga, and Malaga airport. 

'Un Pear Able' is a collection of puns about pears. There are a pear of books here too. I like both puns and pears so I liked these. The two books are sewn together in different ways, one fancy with stitching and letterpress hand done lettering, and one not so fancy, with string, but they both look very cool.

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