Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Comic Recommendations- Sean Azzopardi 'Tracks' & Nick Soucek 'Anthropocene'

 'Tracks' by Sean Azzopardi 
This is a very good comic about travelling, comic shows and remembering things. I think it's about living in the present and not dwelling too much on past adventures, however fun they were. It's got Sean travelling to SPX and remembering / retelling a drunken story from Leeds a few years earlier. Then he travels more, in America and Italy, meeting other old friends and thinking about their shared memories. There's a lot of very interesting drawing, trying loads of different ways to show the past and thoughts.

'Anthropocene- The Age of Man' by Nick Soucek
Another very interesting comic. This one has 23 images of cities and the countryside, in the Anthropocene, which is the age of the earth in which we live now, where man has the biggest effect on the environment. They are really nice grey toned drawings. I especially like the pylons and the oil wells.


Sean Azzopardi said...

Thanks, Rob. Good to see you in Leeds :)

rob jackson said...

Good to see you too!