Tuesday 22 December 2015

Comic Recommendations - Simon Moreton's 'Plans We Made'

Here's the last of my comic recommendations from Leeds Thoughtbubble, Simon Moreton's 'Plans We Made'. It's a memoir about teenage years spent in Marlow with his childhood friends, some from when he was twelve, and then getting older when he's about sixteen or so. It's drawn in his very minimal style, with very few words and panels. I really liked it. At first the kids just wander about happily and Simon remembers lots of little moments, sneaking out at night and wandering around in the woods. Later they start thinking about things a lot, so I guess the book is about growing up and losing your childhood feelings / wanting to move away. I especially liked a section where they get really drunk, in the special way you get when young, and he remembers the way they eventually get home. Highly recommended. Here's a proper review of it.

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