Friday 2 July 2010


Just heard that 'Goblin Hall' will be turning up on Monday or Tuesday. So that's good. I'll put it up on here when it arrives. It will be £3 with free postage to the UK and Europe. Add £1 for the rest of the world.

I'm doing Helmshore Farmers Market on Sunday, the weather forecast is bad though. I will have to see how selling ice cream in the rain will go... I've got a gazebo to put up to keep the rain off.

I was hoping to go to Caption at the end of the month and sell 'Goblin Hall' there, but I am too skint so am having to not bother again. Hopefully I'll go there next year.


Dave said...

Smart, looking forward to reading that.
Will you be selling your Mild ice cream at the weekend? Might be perfect for bad weather..

rob jackson said...

Yep, I will try selling that. It might go down well. Maybe it'll stay sunny like today, you never know.