Saturday, 3 July 2010

Foraging for Berries

I spent all day today picking whinberries in a quarry. It took ages to get a lot as they are very very tiny. There's a couple on their whinberry bush in the top photo. Nice and strong flavour though. They are for the rare and exclusive 'wild whinberry' ice cream which I will make next week. Free fruit is best.


Dave said...

I must say I'd never heard of whinberries before. I meant to ask, were your blackberries picked from last year?

rob jackson said...

Whinberries only grow on top of moors, they normally get made into whinberry pies. I think they are a bit like a tiny british blueberry, but they taste different.

Yep, them blackberries were off my mums allotment and frozen straight after picking them in the autumn.