Thursday, 9 July 2009


There's an interview with me tonight on Alex Finch's podcast radio 'Panel Borders'

Strip! - Small press Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Continuing Sci-Fi comics month on the show, we have a couple of
interviews recorded at comic book conventions with small press
creators who are working in the SF and Fantasy genres. In an interview
recorded at this year's Bristol Comics Expo, Dickon Harris talks to
comic book creator and musician Dave Lander who contributes to the
anthology comic Decadence which in the last couple of instalments has
been heavily SF themed, Dave also produced a CD soundtrack to go with
recent issues. Also, Alex Fitch talks to Rob Jackson about his fantasy
comics Random Journeys and Bog Wizards which combine unreliable
narrators, humour and magical landscapes, in an interview recorded at
a pub in the East End after the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing.

5pm Thursday 09/07/09, repeated 11.30pm Sunday 12/07/09 Resonance 104.4 FM (London) / streamed at / podcast soon after transmission at

I haven't heard it yet so I'll have a listen when I get home tonight. I hope I don't sound too stupid. I was fairly drunk from 3 pints of Stella in rapid succession and no food all day, so that's my excuse...
It was just after the UK Web Comix Thing at Schmurgen Con.

Paul Rainey says nice things about 'The Pasty Anthology' on his news blog.

PS- Listened to the interview now. I wish I'd sounded more enthusiastic about my comics... oh well, I was a bit grumpy as I had hardly sold anything at the UK Comix Thing that day. I like my comics really...


fabtoons said...

I listened to your interview and you came across very well. Not drunk or grumpy or anything. I have only been interviewed once, but I'm sure one always feels one could have said more or expressed oneself better.
You sounded fine!

rob jackson said...

thanks Francesca, it must of been the shock of hearing the sound of my voice that made me think I came across badly. I didn't think I sounded like that, what a strong accent I have.