Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Josh Blair, Pete Borrebach & Nick Marino, Noah Van Sciver - Apartment 307

This is a nice little anthology with three stories all by cartoonists who noticed that they all live in apartment's numbered 307 (not the same apartment or even the same city). They all wrote very different stories about their homes. There's a review of it by Rob Clough here. Noah Van Sciver I've seen with his 'Cartoonist Interviews' in the Comics Journal and his art here looks very similar. He draws himself very ugly but I like his drawing, nice and cartoony. Josh Blair uses a lot of diagrams and pictograms to show how climbing the 42 stairs to his third floor apartment are the main source of exercise for him. He says how it's a good thing he doesn't live on the fourth floor... here's a link to the Candy or Medicine blog where you can buy it.

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