Sunday 10 August 2008

Lauren Weinstein - Goddess of War Volume 1

The Goddess of War is very good. Lauren Weinstein did those 'Inside Vineyland' comics, which I have never read but often saw in the Comics Journal and now she's started this awesome series. It's about an ex valkyrie who has been made the Goddess Of War by the mysterious no. 2. Her job is to spread war throughout the human world, in this issue she is meant to go meet a suicide bomber and inspire him to blow himself up. She has a bad day and feeling lonely and depressed pulls a sickie. She thinks about the time she fell for a mortal, Cochise the Apache, and tells his story. The drawing is very good, looks like scratchy old printing or something, its very interesting. Also there are lots of great pencil or charcoal splash type pages of the Goddesses Trophy Room, and other important places in the story. It's very funny too. Well worth getting, I'm looking forward to part 2 to see where this story is going...

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