Monday, 30 June 2008

Dungeon Monstres - Volume 1 - The Crying Giant by Sfar, Trondheim, Mazan and Menu

I love Dungeon, me. This is the latest one to come out in English. The first story is a good one about John John the Terror, who is a potato like monster who is cut into two living pieces. The second one is the Crying Giant and is drawn by J C Menu. I've never read anything more than a few pages long by Menu so it's cool to see something longer. Its much darker and bleaker than most of the Dungeon stories, must be Menu's influence, and has a few nice little bits about his other work, such as a mention of the Mederists as a Terra Amata religion. All the dungeon books are worth getting and its good they are still coming out in English. There are loads and loads out in French now so I hope they keep translating them...

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