Friday 4 July 2008

Bottomless Belly Button by Dash Shaw

Wow, this is a massive thick book, you could kill a man with it. It is very decompressed story telling though so doesn't take that long to read. I really enjoyed it, the character design is awesome, I especially liked all the freckly people, you don't see that very often. Its basically the story of a family reunion of all an old couple's children on hearing the news that the old parents are going to divorce after forty years of marriage. All the children (all grown up now) react in very different ways. The older son trys to work out the mystery of why they are getting divorced, while the other children don't seem so bothered as to why. It's a really good read so I highly recommend it, same as most everyone else has. Just cos everyone recommends something doesn't mean its not great, sometimes it is...

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