Sunday, 29 June 2008

Injury 2 - Ted May

Injury 2 is cool, I like it even more than Injury 1. The best story is the first one 'Hair of the Dog' which is a story from Jeff Wilson's heavy metal loving youth. In this tale he gets a girlfriend and then she breaks up with him by letter as he is 'a wastoid'. there aren't enough heavy metal comics, even 'the dude from Nazareth' appears in this one and sings 'Love Hurts' at the end of his doomed romance. The second main story is part 2 of 'Manleau' a tale about a cyborg fighting gang members. Its funny, and I enjoyed it ,more than the first part (in Injury 1) but not as cool as 'Hair of the Dog'. Nice cover too. The back cover is even better but I'm not showing that. You will have to buy the comic (or go find it on the interweb). Great to see an excellent comic length book.
It Lives

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