Monday, 11 July 2011

Birmingham Zine Festival 2011 Mini Report

Yay! Birmingham Zine Festival was great. It was right in the middle of Birmingham and free to get in, which is how comics shows should be. There were loads of people there all the time, except for the last hour, and they were all very interested and having a good look at the comics and zines. Lots of people were flicking through my comics which is good, some places they only stare at the covers and don't like to look at the insides. I had to go home afterwards so I couldn't go to the after show stuff which was a shame, but I was already very sleepy due to it being a hot and sunny day and probably would have just fallen asleep anyhow.

I had my best comics sales for a long time, much better than Leeds last year or the London Small Press Expo, so I am very happy and encouraged. Thanks everyone who came along and the organizers! I would definately go again next year if they have another one.

Here's a good bunch of photos of the event. These are from quite late on as you can tell by my eyes which were constantly closing.

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