Sunday, 31 July 2011

MCM Manchester Comics Expo Report

Wow, I did amazingly badly at this convention yesterday. I ran off early in the end for the first time at a comics show to go and get drunk at a barbecue. There were massive crowds but they were totally uninterested in my stuff. It was totally the wrong crowd for my comics and was the opposite of the Birmingham Zine Festival where I did really well and had a great time with lots of interested people. The show seemed well organised and that on the day, and it was really well attended but its just not for me. If anyone notices me thinking about going to another really mainstream comics show can they please punch me repeatedly in the face and remind me that I always do really shit at them.

Thanks to all the people who came and talked to me, and the guy who bought a copy of 'Goblin Hall'.


Paul B Rainey said...

Those idiots! Your comics are great, Rob.

rob jackson said...

Thanks Paul. Luckily it was really cheap to get there so I only lost one pound sixty, but its still a bit depressing.