Monday, 25 May 2009

Influences - No. 5 My Three Favourite Books

Here are my three favourite books. Haruki Murakami and Philip K Dick are my two favourite authors. 'Fear and Loathing' is the book I find funniest. I must have read them all a hundred times or so.

I have tried doing comic adaptions of Murakami and Dick but they are too well written. I think I would be better adapting something badly written so I could change everything and wouldn't be precious about all the words, as I really like them. Murakami is too much about thoughts in characters heads to be a good comic I think, and Crumb has done an awesome story of Dick's life in one of the Weirdo's. 'Fear and Loathing' doesn't need a comic as it has Steadman's great and iconic illustrations already.


Dave said...

The wind up bird chronicle is an amazing book. I don't think my stomach could cope with a comic of it, if it attempted that horrifying scene with Yamamoto in the Mongolian desert. Brrr.

rob jackson said...

That would be hard to stomach, I can imagine Suehiro Maruo drawing it though. My other favourite of Murakami's books is 'Dance Dance Dance'.