Thursday, 12 February 2009

Greggs Pasties - the taste of Modern Britain

While I was trying to go to sleep last night I had this idea so I quickly drew it today. I was thinking about doing an anthology based around Greggs Pasties - the food of modern Britain. If anyone would like to be in this let me know.... imagine ..... 'the story of Greggs' a Viz style tale of the centuries of loyal service done for the people of Britain by the bakers, and lots of other stuff about pasties too. Hmmmm. The cover could look exactly like a Greggs paper bag.


Dave said...

Rob, count me in. This sounds a very exciting project. I'm ashamed to say that my workplacee being near a greggs has caused me to eat a considerably larger amount of cheese (or whatever the hell they put in them) than is good for me.
Dave Hughes

rob jackson said...

thanks dave. i will get onto this anthology once my story for the uk web comix thing is out the way in a couple of weeks. i'd like this to come out for the summer at the start of june or so. i'll ask around and see if anyone else is up for it.