Wednesday 3 September 2008

What I Got on my Summer Holidays - Part 2 - Dupuy & Berberian - MAYBE LATER

This was a very good book, I got it in English from the fancy shop in Brussels (I'll post about it later) and read it several times on the holiday. Its a journal by Dupuy & Berberian, the two man comics team who write the M. Jean stories in France. It tells of all the troubles and problems they had while writing the 3rd M Jean book. It's very clever and funny too, and the drawing is great. They tell how they have to deal with all the people who don't understand them writing comics for a living, thinking they are 'just joking around'. Berberian in particular had a very difficult year before he wrote the book and tells about it very well. I never fancied the M Jean books much before but now I have read this, and a couple of their travel sketchbooks too (more later) I'm going to give the one thats come out in English a try. This book is published by D&Q and L'Association. It's quite inspiring to anyone who is trying to make comic books and having a hard time...

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