Thursday, 11 September 2008

My New Comic

My New Comic

My new comic is almost finished now – it will be ready for Birmingham. I’m going to call it 8 Stories (I’ve clearly ran out of good names, and it is also a reference to an album by Fugazi – anyone remember them?). The stories are-

1 – The City that Fell in Love with its own Reflection (written by Shonagh Ingram, art by me)
11 pages
2 – My Nearest Mountain (2 pages)
3 – Rob Jackson’s Rule of Life no. 6 (1 page)
4 - The Adventures of Pukey and Bitey (1 page)
5 - One Day I Hope for Shoes (1 page)
6 – Math-Ro-Mancer (3 pages)
7 – Blood and White Water (3 pages)
8 – Going to see the Cardiacs (6 pages)


Jim Medway said...

Fugazi were excellent!

rob jackson said...

I saw them once a long time ago at the manchester academy and they were great live...