Wednesday, 14 September 2022

Proof Copy of 'Hollywood on the Croal'

 Here's the proof copy of 'Hollywood on the Croal' that I got today. I found one spelling mistake I'd made. Except for that everything looks great so it should get printed soon. I'll put it up for sale as soon as I've got it back from the printers.

 I was going to sell it at Bradford Zine Fair in October but I've had to cancel my stall for that. I was going to sell black peas and soup at the Wigan Diggers Festival last weekend, but it was cancelled by the council at the last minute because of the Queen's death, so I was left with loads of peas and soup ingredients and no money. I've since been offered a new event to try and sell my food at, but it clashed with the Zine Fest. The Zine fest organiser was very kind and refunded me.

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