Friday 1 June 2018

Michael Kupperman - 'All the Answers'

I really enjoyed Michael Kupperman's new book 'All the Answers' which has just come out. I have always liked his work, especially 'Tales Designed to Thrizzle'.

This book is a biography / autobiography about his father who was called Joel Kupperman and was a very famous child star on a weird radio and then very early tv show called 'Quiz Kids'. His dad met all the famous people of the time like Orson Welles, Harpo Marx and Abbott and Costello. Being on the show really messed his dad up and the family never spoke of it during Michael's childhood. Michael tries to work out what happened and how it affected his own childhood and his relationship with his father.

Here's a good review of the book from Rob Clough. I really enjoyed the book and so it's highly recommended.The surreal-ness of his father meeting all the famous people in odd situations (and often not caring, as he doesn't know who they are) makes it seem a lot like Kupperman's other books at times. It also has a lot of emotions in it as Kupperman tries to work out why his dad was like he was.

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