Thursday 7 June 2018

Lydia Wysocki - 'Everyone With a Nose Should Picket'

This is a collection of comics Lydia made while on strike in the University and College Union strike for fair pensions. It was in February and March this year, so it was very cold and snowed a lot. It seems a very long time ago now, but the pensions dispute is not settled yet.

It was a proper strike with picket lines and placards, and signs saying 'Beep for the Strike'. Some people are very nice to the strikers, others make excuses. It's a diary type of comic going on for the first fourteen days of the strike, mainly with stick figures and very nice stamped lettering. They worry that no one will turn up some days as the snow gets really deep, but they carry on picketing. It's very good and interesting.

Here's Lydia's website and shop.
 On the website is the whole series of her diary comics of the strike so you can carry on reading it after the pages from the comic, for all the rest of the strike.

I've never had the chance to go on strike, we had one days strike back when I was a student but all we did was go to the pub early in the morning and then stayed there all day.

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