Tuesday 11 April 2017

Richard Swan - 'Parallel Lines'

 This is a cool wordless book by Richard Swan. It describes a little world of odd creatures. A group of sort of robots are mining coal. They have shovels for hands and their bodies hold the coal. They are overseen by another strange creature. A few of them wander off from work while on a break and find a doorway in a tall brick wall. Sometimes it leads to a beach but huge machinery like a train comes out of the ground, and can move the doorway so it leads to other places. The overseer becomes worried about all the missing robots and not hitting his targets with the mining and rings an alarm in his hut. This brings his overseer along to see what the trouble is. Lots more strange things happen.

I liked it a lot, the drawing is really cool with a lot of detail, and with very interesting and unique creatures. I didn't work out why it was called Parallel Lines though.

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