Wednesday 5 April 2017

Paul Rainey & Robert Wells - 'Thunder Brother Special'

This is a great comic from Paul Rainey. It's got two complete new Thunder Brother stories and another story 'Connected' written by Paul and drawn by Robert Wells. Both the Thunder Brother's are really good. In the first one a woman who was extracted from a soap world tries to force Sally to get her put back, and in the second a new producer sends a woman into a soap world to break up a couple, in order to get higher ratings. I was wondering what happened to Thunder Brother, we still never found out much about the Library King, who was the mysterious villain of the series.
I liked 'Connected' a lot. Jonathan is given a chip for his smart phone by his inventor brother, which allows him to access something called the 'Universal Network'. This is like a galaxy wide 'ask your phone for help' thing. It was funny and reminded me of the ultranet in 'There's No Time like the Present'. Robert Wells drawing is really good. Highly recommended.

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