Monday, 9 November 2015

Leeds Thoughtbubble

I'll be at Leeds Thoughtbubble this weekend, Saturday and Sunday. I'll be at table 187a in New Dock Hall. 
I haven't been to a comic festival for ages so it should be great to catch up with everyone, come and say hello. I'm not staying over so I won't be around in the evenings, I'll see how that works out.

I've got my new graphic novel / long comic 'Corporation Pop' at its festival debut. It will be priced at £8. Here's the first review of it from Richard Bruton at Forbidden Planet.

I'll also have the other two comics I've brought out this year, 'Flying Sausage Academy 1' and 'RhiZome 3', and I'll have some new copies of my Roman detective story 'Slaves of the Megapode'. See you there!


Colin M said...

Hey Rob, glad your back at TB, last year was the busiest ever so hopefully this year will be good too. We're also in New Dock Hall (46 I think, right hand side) so will pop across to say hello and catch up with your new books, Cheers Colin

rob jackson said...

Cool, I hope it's a good one as I haven't done many shows this year. I'll come and see your stall too. Thanks, Rob.

Colin M said...

You're on Rob :)