Monday, 7 October 2013

Bristol Comics and Zine Fair Report

 Bristol Comics and Zine Fair went really well. I went down on the train on Saturday morning. It had got really sunny by the time I got to Bristol. The venue at The Station in the middle of town was really nice, a good big room with plenty of room behind the tables and lots of windows, and even a big door with some outside seating which was a nice change from sitting in the dark.

It started pretty busy but then there was a lull from about two till half three where I was getting a bit worried about my sales. Luckily it got really good after that and I had a great day for selling my comics. It was one of the best days I've had anywhere.

The after party was also cool, with good bands and nice Bristol made beer.

Thanks to all the organisers and everyone who came along! I'm very happy with it and would definately go again. Tomorrow I'll put up my comics haul once I've read them all.

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