Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Derf Backderf - My Friend Dahmer

This is Derf Backderf's book length comic about going to school with Jeff Dahmer, the serial killer. He wasn't really friends with him, as Dahmer was a really strange messed up kid, but Derf and his friends treat him as a kind of mascot. They find him really funny in his weird ways. The book is sympathetic to Dahmer until he finally gives in to his horrible urges and kills someone. There's a lot about growing up in Derf's small town and the way everyone passes the time, and there are some very funny scenes too, as well as a lot of very sinister ones.

This is a really good book. The drawing is great, the people are really strange looking and drawn in Derf's own style, but totally believable. Before this I'd only seen some of Derf's stories about being a binman in his home town online, but I'd definately want to check out his other books now.

Here's a review from the Comics Journal and here's Derf's Blog about how he drew and researched the book.

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Richard J. Marcej said...

I read this last year. I agree, an excellent read. Derf's unique style really fits the story and (in an odd way) the era it takes place.