Monday, 21 January 2013

Josh Simmons - Flayed Corpse

This tiny minicomic from Josh Simmons is great. Its only very short but its very dark. It's so dark that it made me laugh, like a properly nasty horror film. Here's a proper review of it from the Comics Journal. Its for sale from Oily Comics. I bought some other comics from Oily too so I'll have a read of them soon. This is the first Josh Simmons comic I've read but I'll look out for some more.


John Robbins said...

I've got a couple of Josh Simmons - 'House' and 'The Furry Trap'. Can't really remember the former, but there's unease aplenty in The Furry Trap's shock-tales of sexual violence and dread. Not sure they've enough substance to be disturbing, but perhaps each story worked better in their original antho-homes amongst less confrontationally bludgeoning comics. (One story, Cockbone, is particularly disgusting, even amongst its own kind.)

rob jackson said...

I've seen a few reviews of 'The Furry Trap' but not read it myself yet.