Monday, 29 November 2010

Not One For Knocking On #1 Exhibition

Yesterday I went to see Oliver East's exhibition 'Not One For Knocking On #1' It was a very good exhibition with four artists in a room in an interesting old mill.

Warren Craghead was my favourite of the artists. Here are some cubes he has made that you can download on the internet and print out yourself. They are from different times, like one says 1970, one says 2030 and so on and show things from his life at the different times, like being a kid or being very old. He also had some pages from his very interesting books.

Craig Atkinson runs 'Cafe Royal' books. He had some colour pictures in the show. Here's one of them. Reminded me a bit of David Shrigley.

These are Warren Craghead's pages from that 'Abstract Comics' anthology that Fantagraphics brought out.

Malcy Duff had drawn this sequence of pages specially for the show. Some of the pages are drawn on really intricately with clear varnish. They are hard to see unless the light is shining on them right, they are the pages on here that look blank. This was my favourite thing I have seen from Malcy Duff.
I thought I had something by Warren Craghead on my shelves, here's a bit of a story he drew with Ted May that I have in an old SPX Expo 2000 book.

Blaise Lamee had done a funny internet piece called 'Tintin in China' that was on a laptop. Apparently he has given up doing physical work. I liked his pages from the catalogue.

Not One for Knocking On #2 sounds cool too, with Frank Santoro and John Porcellino, so I will go and see that in February. The catalogue for this exhibition is very good, most of the work in it is not in the show so why not buy one from Oliver or from Good Grief.


w said...

Thanks for the nice words - I'm glad the show turned out so well!

rob jackson said...

Thanks for sending stuff all the way to Manchester!