Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Haul of Stuff from Leeds Thoughtbubble

Here's my haul of stuff from Leeds. I mostly got them by trades, except for the fancy 'Sleepyheads' book from Blank Slate. I haven't read that one yet, I had a flick through and looked at the drawing but it needs closer inspection...

I have Dan Berry's 'Shoulder to Shoulder with Pavlov' which is his comic of his standup comedy routine from 2006. Some of the jokes are very funny. Its weird though to read a standup comedy routine as a comic. I was thinking the other week after reading the Stewart Lee book about the similarities between standup comedy and comics. I think the difference is

the timing (sorry couldn't resist that bad joke), I kept flicking about a bit when reading it as you do with comics, maybe one picture a page would make it more like standup, or some sort of heavy grid pattern. It's very interesting to think about and a good comic.

I also got Thom Ferrier's 'Fear of Failure' about Doctor Lois Pritchard about her having a hard time as a GP in a small Welsh town. I liked the pages with loads of tiny panels to show the days passing with all the hundreds of patients, and I really like the heavy black lines Thom draws round the characters. I'll be interested to see what happens in the next part.

I got Simon M.'s 'Smoo #3' which is the best Smoo Comic yet, I thought. Well worth going and buying.

Lastly I got Nick Soucek's 'To Share is to Divide' which is a cool little comic with nice grey tones. I like his character design too and it's a good story.

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