Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Gin Palace 2

I had a new submission for 'Gin Palace 2' today from Brad Foster. Here's a little bit of one of the pages he sent in, they are one page stories so I don't want to show a whole one and give them away. There's still a month and a bit for submissions as I'd like to have them all in by the 1st October so I can stick them all in order and send it to the printers in time for Thought Bubble.

Have a look at how many comics Brad Foster has contributed too! It is amazing, he has listed them in pages from A - Z and there are comics under every letter of the alphabet.


Simon M said...

I traded a bunch of comics with Brad a while back, and they're all very good. I recommend other people do the same! He's very nice, you know.

rob jackson said...

I traded some too. They are cool comics.