Sunday, 16 May 2010


Phew, I just made it back here today from Toronto before the ash clouds closed in again. I was worrying about them on the way out too but luckily they didn't slow down the flight. I am rotten with the jet lag today.
The best thing in Toronto was the St Lawrence Market. It's the best market I've ever been too, much better than Borough Market in London, mainly as it's very reasonably priced. I went a few times and had peameal bacon butties here, loads of lovely cakes and a proper huge Italian deli meatball sandwich. Loads of really good stalls.

The 'Gumball 3000' rally was randomly going on as we wandered round one night. Didn't stop to watch as I am soon bored with cars.

This is me at the Niagara Falls which were well worth a look.

Toronto is a nice place. The beers too expensive and they are obsessed with making it as smooth and tasteless as possible (like Coors, blurrgh), but otherwise it's great. Loads of very good ethnic restaurants which we went to, Korean, Chinese, Greek and Laotian. It's very Americanised there I thought and so also ate lots of junk food. The most amusing was the 'St Louis Wings and Ribs' restaurant as the waitress went 'Hi, my names Staci and I'll be your server tonight, can I get you guys anything' which was cool. The old bits of town aren't really worth visiting as they are not that old by British standards. In fact we realised that my house here is older than nearly all the historical sites. If it was in Toronto it would have a plaque on it and be a listed monument instead of being just a small decaying terraced house...

Oh yeah, also we saw a raccoon eating garbage from a bin for its dinner, which was awesome.

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