Sunday, 30 May 2010

Simon M. - 'Smoo 2 1/2' 'Lisbon' & 'Days'

Simon M. traded me a big pile of his new comics which turned up yesterday morning and cheered me up. He has been very busy and has brought out 3 new comics. His website is at Smoo Tumblr so why not go and buy a few...
'Days' is his diary strip style comic from September to November 2008, but he's only just brought it out. It's different from most diary strips I've seen recently as it's mainly just one or two images for each day and is very reflective, rather than just telling what happened each day, he is thinking a lot about it. There are loads of different page layouts and experiments.
'Lisbon' is a little travelogue of his trip to Lisbon. He seems to have liked it a lot more than I did when I went. It rained on me all the time and I was somewhat miserable. Some very nice drawings and it's always fun to see people drawing places you've been yourself.
This is 'Smoo 2 1/2' which he has brought out while finishing 'Smoo 3' Some great drawing in here on a collection of short stories, very autobiographical. I am looking forward to seeing 'Smoo 3'. Simon got a good review at Forbidden planet recently so have a look at that too...

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