Monday, 26 April 2010

'Goblin Hall' Cover

This is the cover for 'Goblin hall'. It's nearly finished, just going to go round the letters again in black and then the comic is finished. I'll bring it out in June.


fabtoons said...

Oooh looks splendid! Will you have it for Toronto?
By the way if you make nut ice creams you'll have to put warnings, you can't be too careful nowadays, don't want to get sued. Although I suppose if it's called Nut flavour, that ought to give them a clue...

rob jackson said...

Thank you! I won't have it for Toronto, going to get it printed when I get back. i don't think it'll matter anyhow as the people there won't have seen any of my other comics.

I have to put one of them allergy signs on my stall even if I dont have nut flavours, the food safety people told me. Its in case any random nuts go near the ice cream.